Escutcheon of The Galleon Fethiye

Relieved and engraved, this piece consisting of ensign, bugle, axe, spear, rifle, quiver, powder horn and sword bears the seal of Sultan Abdülmecit (1839-1861) on its center. The Escutcheon of Galleon Fethiye was made in Imperial Dockyard in 1861.


Sizes: 80 x 184 cm


Galleon Fethiye

Type: Screwed Galleon

Builder: Imperial Dockyard / Istanbul

Tonnage: 3526 tons

Dimensions: 69.4x17.2x8.2 m

Hull: Wooden

Order: 1853

Machinery: Steam, 1 Screw

Launched: 30th November 1856

Commissioned: 1858

Decommissioned: 1903