Piyade (Excursion) Caique, 3 Pairs of Oars

She belongs to Grand Vizier Said Halim Pasha (1863-1921). She is built with carvel planking and has spoon bow form. Castle deck planking is ornamented with golden leaf floral motifs.


“…Said Halim Pasha, who is a little short and generally wears an orchid on the lapel of his jacket, steers three-pair-oared mahogany boat which is embellished with motifs inlaid with golden leaves in such a way that elegance attracts the attention despite his unattractive looks.” (Abdülhak Şinasi Hisar, Boğaziçi Yalıları Geçmiş Zaman Köşkleri)


Length: 14.90 m

Width: 1.20 m

Height: 1.19 m