Belongings He Used on the Yacht Ertuğrul

Ordered by the Ottoman State, the Yacht Ertuğrul was built in England and launched on 30 December 1903. The Yacht Ertuğrul was delivered to the Ottoman Navy in 1904 and began to be used as the “Sultanate Yacht”.

After the establishment of Republic of Turkey, the Yacht Ertuğrul was decided to be used as the “Presidential Yacht” in 1924. She carried out her first official duty as the “Presidential Yacht” on 1 July 1927. Leaving İstanbul in order to start the Independence War, Atatürk came back to İstanbul after eight years on the deck of Ertuğrul. Later the Yacht Ertuğrul was used in the Moda Sea Festivals which Atatürk enjoyed watching so much and in the excursions along Marmara Sea. She also hosted foreign emperors and statesman visiting our country. Among them there were King of England Edward VIII who came to İstanbul with the royal yacht Nahlin in 1936, King of Jordan Emir Abdullah and Shah of Iran Rıza Pehlevi.

Hosting Atatürk lots of times, the yacht was decommissioned in 1937 because it could not meet the needs anymore. The yacht was sold to İlhami Söker Company in 1939.

The VIP cabin of Ertuğrul that Atatürk stays, the bedstead made out of rosewood, spring mattress,  bed, silk lace pillow, linen newspaper rack, nightstand made out of rosewood, linen upper sheet, pillowcase, bedclothes, porthole bar, curtain of porthole, white curtain, tieback, silk portiere tieback and console consist of the important majority of collection.