Works with Atatürk Theme

Oil paintings, charcoal drawings and photos related to Atatürk are the valuable artistic objects of collection. Portraits, paintings depicting the historical incidents and ships had been done by the famous painters; Feyhaman DURAN (1866-1970),  Tahsin SİRET (1874-1937), Şemsettin AREL (1906-1982), Yaşar ÇALLI (1941- ).

The photos in Atatürk collection which are unique memories were taken in the beginning of 20th century. Along with the various photos of Atatürk, there is a photo which was signed by himself for the Ministry of Navy in 1925 and ‘The President of Turkish Republic Veteran’ is written on it.

M.Kemal Atatürk had been awarded a lot of medals and medallions in the time of Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic. The commemorative medals are existing in the collection for the purpose of keeping his memory alive.