Ensign of Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa

It is the ensign used by Barbaros Hızır Hayrettin Paşa during 1534-1546 while he was admiral-in-chief. It is made of silk. Its fabric is green and patterned. The inscriptions and ornaments are appliquéd with white fabric. On one side of the ensign, 13th verse of the Koran 'Saff Sura' (meaning: Ya Muhammad, the aid is from God and the conquest is in the near future and tell the good news to the Muslims) and on the other side 'Kelime-i Tevhid' (Tawhid) (meaning: There is no divinity except God (Allah) and Muhammad is his prophet) is embroidered. On both sides of the ensign, there are the names of four calips of Islam, the sword of Ali (zülfikar), hand figure (Pence-i Al-i Aba) and six-angular star.


Sizes: 214 x 295 cm