The Historical Galley

It is built with carvel planking and has clipper bow and cruiser stern. At the bow, there are gold-leaf symbols of star, crescent, sun, stylized leaves and also flowers in engraving and relief. Its bow extends forward as a ram. The sides of the kiosk mounted on Bursa arched pillars are surrounded by banisters with latticework and covered by barrel vault. The interior and the exterior part of the barrel vault of the kiosk are ornamented with geometrical patterns, mother-of-pearl, tortoise shell and semiprecious stone. There are silver plates, mother-of-pearl engraving couplet, compositions of geometrical and stylized flower motifs. The galley has two masts and 24 pairs of oars. Each oar is propelled by three people; thus totally it makes 144 oarsmen. It is a galley which Ottoman Sultans used at inshore waters. The continuing researches about the galley known as being used in the period of Sultan Avcı (Hunter) Mehmet IV. (August 8th, 1648 – November 8th, 1687) show that it was built at the end of the 16th century. It is the only original galley in the world.       

Length: 39.64 m     
Width: 5. 72  m