Champleve Clock

The clock was given as a gift from Napoleon III to Sultan Abdülaziz (1861-1875) on France visit.

It is made from brass, verbena and precious stones. The Japy Brothers from France made the clock. There are 34 stones on pendulum and 49 stones on clock face. All doors are made from bevelled crystal glass. The clock is located inside of a rectangular prism. It is adorned with with verbena motifs and it has brass vase with cover.

A young lady picture is on pendulum with “Baker” signed. There are Latin numbers on the center clock face. “A.1” “151” “1215144” is written on mechanism and “Japy Freres.. Med. D’honneur..”  is written on seal.


Width: 15 x 25 cm

Height: 39.5 cm