Edged Weapons
Hunting Knife and Scabbard, 19th Century
Various hunting animals and people is symbolized on the knife. Two-head dog figure is on the grasp of knife and a person is depicted as going to hunt exists on both sides of knife.
Dagger and Scabbard
The dagger is remarkable for filigree, relief and inlay techniques.
It belongs to the reign of Sultan Mahmud II (1808-1839). Silver part is decorated with arm and iron part is adorned with Turkish motifs. The grasp is made out of ivory and the joint parts is ornamented with golden.
Yataghan, 19th Century
This yataghan was made by Osman Halil in 1811. The blade of the yataghan is graved with flower motifs, the hilt is handmade inlaid of coral and the sheath is ornamented with arabesque motive relieves.
Battle-Axe, Two Blade, 16th Century
It is one of the war booties that the Sultan Yavuz Selim captured during the Egypt siege.(1516-17). It is thought that it belongs to the Sultan of Memluk Kayıtbay.
Laz Yataghan, 19th Century
This yataghan has serpentine blade. The double lugged hilt made of horn and the guard of the hilt is soft leather. The sheath is puffed up, and made of dark brown leather.
Caucasian Sword, 19th Century
It has single blade and two blood groove. The grasp is silver.
European Sword
It has steel barrel and straight form. The grasp part is wooden grooved and metal. It has circular hemstitch and hand-cover. “WOOLEY” is written on barrel part.
Japon Kılıcı, 19 .Yüzyıl
The grasp part of steel sword is covered with shagreen. 3 Cherry blossom motifs exists on both sides. A ribbon strip is knitted on leather.
Caucasion Sword
It belongs to a Russian officer who was enslaved at Caucasion front during the First World War I (1914-1918)
Sword and Scabbard
It belongs to Bozcaadalı Hüseyin Paşa who is father of the Minister of Navy Hasan Hüsnü Paşa, and he was martyred during the Sinop Battle.
Turkish Sword
Wedge and Scabbard with Sling, 19th Century
It has steel barrel and grasp made from bone. Two decorated screws which are 2.5 cm are on the grasp.
Dagger, 20th Century
It belongs to the Sultanate of Umman. It is remarkable for silver filigree technique. The grasp is made from bone and silver, the scabbard is silver.
Axe, British
It is an English axe made from wood and metal. The insigne of smithery is placed on iron part of the axe.
Axe, Ottoman
This axe was used by naval fusiliers and firemen. The blade is steel and half moon shaped. There are brass rings on the wooden stick.