Belongings He Used on the Yacht Savarona

The yacht was built in Germany and launched on 14 July 1931. The details and the interior decoration of the yacht were completed later. After having been used by the first owner for a short time, the yacht was purchased by the Turkish government. One of the reasons to purchase Savarona was Atatürk's health. Day by day his illness was going worse and doctors recommended sea air for his health. However, it was not the only reason that she had been purchased. In his last days Atatürk was concerned with the maritime affairs of the new Turkish Republic. During that period he was just only working on projects in order to found Denizbank, establish Turkish merchant fleet and strengthen the Navy.

The Yacht Savarona arrived in front of Dolmabahçe on 1 June 1938. Atatürk, the president of the Republic, went to Savarona with the prime minister Celal BAYAR, Hasan Rıza SOYAK, Celal TOLGAY, Kılıç Ali, Cevat Abbas Gürer, Salih BOZOK, Muhittin ÜSTÜNDAĞ. While he had stayed on Savarona, he did various cruises on Marmara Sea; however, these cruises did not last long as his health was not good. He spent his 55 days of his last year and left the Yacht Savarona on 25 July 1938, 01.00 and went to the Dolmabahçe Palace.

The Yacht Savarona participated the funeral of Atatürk on 19 November 1938.

The wood engraving, XVI. Luis style twin bedstead, spring matrress, quilt, upper sheet, linen bed sheet, bedspread made ouf of pink silk, pillowcase, pillow and bed, and service tools he used on Savarona when he stayed are the important pieces of collection.